Applying for a Place at Manor Park


Manor Park Primary School is a community school in the London Borough of Sutton.


The Education Admissions Office is situated at the following address:
Civic Offices,
St Nicholas Way,

Telephone: 020 8770 6080

Children are admitted in accordance with the Local Education Authority's Admissions Policy.



Alternatively, primary school application forms are available from the Education Admissions Office at the address above.

Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names a school will be allocated a place before other applicants are considered.

Manor Park School promotes equality of opportunity for disabled people. The school does not discriminate against disabled pupils in relation to their access to education and associated services including all aspects of school life and activities and is committed to making reasonable adjustments.

If there are not enough places for all those who have expressed a wish to have their child admitted, places will be offered in the following order of priorities:

Looked After Children.

Where there are professionally supported medical reasons or exceptional social reasons why a child should attend a particular school.

Where applicants have an older sibling in the school at the time of admission. Siblings in Year 6 at the time of application will not qualify.

Remaining places are offered on the basis of proximity to the school.

Please note that a place in the nursery class of a particular school DOES NOT give priority for a place in the reception class of that school. This is to ensure that parents who have decided not to send their children to nursery will not be disadvantaged when applying for a school place.